2021 Chevrolet Camaro

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Vehicle Overview
1 miles
Satin Steel Gray Met
Drive Type
Jet Black
8 Cylinder 6.2 Gasoline engine
Stock #
RWD Automatic
Fuel Type
16.00 City / 24.00 Highway

<b>Equipment</b><br>with XM/Sirus Satellite Radio you are no longer restricted by poor quality local radio stations while driving the vehicle. Anywhere on the planet, you will have hundreds of digital stations to choose from. Protect this small car from unwanted accidents with a cutting edge backup camera system. This 2021 Chevrolet Camaro has a 6.2 liter 8 Cylinder Engine high output engine. Keep safely connected while in this unit with OnStar. You may enjoy services like Automatic Crash Response, Navigation, Roadside Assistance and Hands-Free Calling. Maintaining a stable interior temperature in this 2021 Chevrolet Camaro is easy with the climate control system. It projects refinement with a racy metallic gray exterior. This model is rear wheel drive. This Chevrolet Camaro is equipped with a gasoline engine. Electronic Stability Control is one of many advanced safety features on this Chevrolet Camaro. The traction control system on it instantly senses tire slippage and executes minute power adjustments to maintain traction at all speeds.<br><br><b>Packages</b><br>LPO; BATTERY PROTECTION PACKAGE. LPO; BLACK ACCENT EXTERIOR PACKAGE: includes (PCR) Satin Black Front Splitter/Side Rockers Package; LPO and (5JX/57S) 20" 5-split spoke Satin Black wheels; LPO. LPO; SATIN BLACK FRONT SPLITTER/SIDE ROCKERS PACKAGE: includes (STI) Satin Black rocker moldings; LPO and (SL2) Satin Black; second generation front splitter; LPO. REDLINE EDITION: includes (SRI/58E) 20" Black-painted aluminum wheels with Red accents; (CG6) Black Camaro fender badge with Red outline; (VUP) Redline Edition graphics; (3F9) Red seat belt color; (2F5) Red knee pads and (VYW) Premium carpeted floor mats; LPO. EMBLEM: BLACK CAMARO FENDER BADGE WITH RED OUTLINE. KNEE PADS: RED. LAUNCH CONTROL: CUSTOM. LICENSE PLATE BRACKET: FRONT. LPO: FLOOR MATS; PREMIUM CARPETED WITH CAMARO LOGO. LPO: FRONT SPLITTER; SATIN BLACK; SECOND GENERATION. LPO: ILLUMI

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